Friday, July 31, 2009

Major Deals in the Moviestorm Marketplace

In June, we reported on a terrific deal Moviestorm was offering, 17 addon content packs - all the the packs released in 2009 - for a smashing bundle price.

While the company has always offered some good deals, putting together similar packs into ’superpacks’ and selling them for a discount, the Moviestorm 2008 Bundle was - at £99 - by far the best one ever.

In continuing with their ‘mega-bundle’ train of offerings, Moviestorm has created two more:

First for £69, one can get their hands on the Moviestorm 2009 Bundle which contains the 10 content packs released so far in 2009, including the four music packs, and the special effects pack. It’s a great deal, and offers some real savings.

Before you buy either the 2008 or 2009 bundle, you absolutely must check out the Complete Moviestorm Bundle! And it IS indeed complete. EVERY pack in the store is in it, including the new music and sound effects packages.

The Complete Moviestorm bundle offers you a massive 30% saving on all 28 of the Moviestorm packs we’ve released so far. Buying these bundles individually would cost you over £229, but we’re knocking more than £70 off the price and offering it to you for just £159! That’s even cheaper than buying both the 2008 and 2009 compilations.

We’re also throwing in the special Storm and Street Sets packs, normally only available as part of the Music Video and Streets Bundles, so you don’t miss out.

For anyone wondering, I don’t get commission for recommending these products.

Moviestorm Add-on: Special Effects Pack

Liven up your Moviestorm movies with this truly explosive pack! Or, if you prefer, dampen everyone’s spirits with rain, snow and ice. You’re the director - it’s your choice.

The special effects pack completely transforms what Moviestorm can do. Add dramatic action with customisable explosions, fireworks, flashes, and smoke. Light up your scenes with customisable blazing fires, burning barrels, toxic sludge and steaming vents. Give your actors wands, sparklers and lighted torches for those Indiana Jones or Harry Potter moments, and then, for a final touch, add weather effects.

The versatility of this pack is limitless, especially when combined with our other content packs. Combine it with the lasers and lighting rigs for wicked stage pyrotechnics, use the torches, rain, boulders and trees for high-octane jungle adventures, give your characters the magic touch, or give your cops criminals to truly fear by giving them access to dynamite and bombs!

This is one content pack you simply can’t afford to leave out. Without it, will your movies really be special?

File size: 9.9 MB
Release date: July 22, 2009
Price: £14.99

Moviestorm Add-on: Music Pack- Epic Adventure Themes

No matter how grand and expansive your vision, it always seems small scale without the music to back it up. Watch any Hollywood movie of the last 80 years, and you’ll see how the magnificent vistas are amplified with rousing orchestral sound. Sadness, horror, loss, heroism, love and much, much more are all covered in this pack of fully licensed royalty-free original film music. 79 tracks ranging from a few seconds to nearly four minutes.

File size: 87.1 MB
Release date: July 29, 2009
Price: £14.99

Moviestorm Add-on: Music Pack- Contemporary, Ethnic and Retro Grooves

Funk up your movies with this wild collection of sounds. Great as they are, you don’t always want a big orchestral soundtrack. This varied and versatile pack of fully licensed royalty-free original film music gives you cool Miami beats, 70s style grooves, Blade Runner styled electronica, Middle Eastern and African themes, and modern dance sounds, perfect for backing music or theme tunes. 112 tracks ranging from a few seconds to over five minutes.

File size: 239.9 MB
Release date: July 29, 2009
Price: £14.99

Moviestorm Add-on: Music Pack- Action Themes

Nothing conveys action more than a high-octane fast pulsing soundtrack. Whether it’s a fight scene, a chase, or just the buildup to a climax, these fully licensed royalty-free original film music tracks will add Bourne and Bond style energy and drive to your movies. There’s also suspense, tension, fear, and just a touch of magic and fantasy. Whatever you’re making, this pack will add a touch of drama. 75 tracks ranging from a few seconds to 90 seconds.

File size: 53.9 MB
Release date: July 29, 2009
Price: £14.99