Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blender Art Magazine #20: Make it! Bake it! Fake it!

The magazine was started for the blender community, having the aim of publishing a bi-monthly PDF magazine; free for download. The goal of the magazine is to provide quality learning content for the blender community, from the efforts of the community itself. BlenderArt Magazine is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 license.

  • Articles/Tutorials on Baking normal maps from a high poly model
  • Big Bobby Car (Organic Surface Modeling)
  • Normal Mapping in Blender
  • Lighting and Film Making Tricks: Conveying
  • MAKING OF: 'A Cassette Tape'
  • MAKING OF: 'Dusting Off A Surprise'
  • Bookreview - INTERVIEW: David Hickson - Blenducation
  • & more…

Blender Art Magazine #20: (download magazine + files)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moviestorm Streets Content Pack Bundle

Moviestorm is offering General Cars + Street Dressing + Town Buildings as a bundle for £15.98. At that rate, basically, one gets Street Dressing for free. And as a special bonus, one gets five extra pre-built sets for free, specifically the Streets Bundle Sets pack.

When I first started at Moviestorm in the fall of 2007, pre-built sets weren’t really available, and it was something I really pushed for. I thought it would be a good selling feature, one especially helpful to people with little to no experience with these sorts of programs.

Asset List:

  • Bus Stop - a typical English suburban road, complete with red phone boxes and bus shelter
  • Stormington Close - a suburban gated community - without the gates
  • Roadworks - a busy town center street where they always seem to be digging up the road
  • Town Street - a pleasant town center residential area
  • Tenement Block - an inner city high-rise apartment block

Special note: With this bundle (#6), Moviestorm also made a change to how bundles can be purchased. From now on, only credit cards or paypal can be used, no more points. Points can now only be used to buy individual packs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moviestorm Content Pack: Street Dressing

Description: Street Dressing is a highly versatile set of street markings, road signs and roadside bits that you’d find in any town or city. With this set you’re well on your way to creating your own version of The Fast and the Furious.

File size: 48.8 MB
Release date: February 25, 2009
Price: £4.99 / 499 points

Asset List:

Road Markings:

  • Arrows
  • White and yellow zig-zags
  • Corner markings
  • Crossing markings
  • Parking bay
  • Road stop markings
  • Twelve different sizes of white and yellow road stripes

Road Signs:

  • Customisable street sign with 5 different sign shapes
  • Diversion left and right (UK)
  • Detour left and right (US)
  • Police
  • Road closed
  • Warning - Men Working
  • Euro men working sign (iconic)
  • Dead End
  • Do Not Enter
  • Give Way
  • Motor Vehicle
  • No Entry
  • No Left Turn and No Right Turn (UK and US versions)
  • No Through
  • No U-Turn (UK and US versions)
  • Road Work Ahead
  • Road Works
  • Speed Camera (UK and US versions)
  • Speed Limit 20, 30, 40 mph
  • Speed Zone 20, 30, 40 mph
  • Stop
  • Yield

Other Street Dressings:

  • Three styles of traffic cone
  • Three bar barrier 3 variants and single post versions
  • Bench 3 variants (tintable)
  • Bin bags 3 variants (tintable)
  • Metal bollard 3 variants (tintable)
  • Large and small bus shelters with 6 variants (plus flat or curved roof and customisable posters)
  • Concrete bollard with 3 variants (tintable)
  • Four way crossing lights - 3 variants with different light colours
  • Pedestrian crossing - 3 variants with different light colours
  • Crossing light single - 3 variants with different light colours
  • Crowd Barrier - 3 variants
  • Dumpster - 3 variants (tintable)
  • Litter Bin - 3 variants (tintable)
  • Modern phone booth 3 variants
  • Two different litter piles
  • Two different road cones
  • Stainless steel bollard 3 variants (tintable)

Animated objects:

  • Traditional red English phone booth - 4 variants
  • Modern phone booth - 4 variants

Animations for characters using the phone booths:

  • Dial number
  • Enter phone booth
  • Hammer on phone booth
  • Leave phone booth
  • Pick up phone
  • Replace phone gently
  • Slam phone down
  • Talk on phone

Moviestorm Content Pack: Town Buildings

Description: Town Buildings pack consists of several building blocks (literally!) that can be combined and customised in a wide variety of ways to create a nearly unlimited number of buildings of different sizes and shapes.

File size: 10.7 MB
Release date: February 25, 2009
Price: £7.99 / 799 points

Asset List:

Townhouse Ground Floor:

  • Ten wall textures (of which 4 are tintable)
  • 17 window styles each with tintable frames and curtains
  • 20 door styles, each with wood and tintable variations
  • Six porch styles with tintable paintwork
  • Edging at ground level
  • Five edging designs at top
  • Nine dirt maps

In order to give you maximum compatibility with the existing Moviestorm content, the 20 door styles are available as variations of normal Moviestorm doors, the 17 window styles used in the ground floor are all available as normal Moviestorm windows, and the 4 casement windows can be opened. The 10 new wall textures are available for normal Moviestorm walls, and the 6 porches are available as set objects.

Townhouse Upper Floor:

  • Ten wall textures (matching the ground floor)
  • 15 window styles each with tintable frames or curtains
  • Five edging designs at top (matching the Ground Floor)
  • Nine dirt maps

Townhouse roof (7 different roof shapes):

  • Tintable roof tiles or roof slates.
  • Ten wall textures (matching the ground floor, for those roofs with walls)
  • Five chimney textures
  • Nine window variations each with tintable frames or curtains
  • Eight dirtmaps (separated for walls and roof tiles)

Moviestorm Content Pack: General Cars

Description: General Cars pack contains eight different cars that can drive around in Moviestorm. Each has customisable colours, customisable number plates, rotating wheels, and headlights and rear lights that can be turned on and off. There are also six different driver and passenger variations each of which have tintable clothing, and variants on skin and hair colour.

File size: 14.3 MB
Release date: February 25, 2009
Price: £7.99 / 799 points

Asset List:
  • Two large European style cars
  • Three small European style cars
  • Two Japanese style cars
  • One small American style car